Our Story

Carol and Tom Holmes created Galactic Ancestor as a way to release these energetic imprinted images to the world. What greater canvas than that of the human female form. Art that brews in the subconscious dream world has a life of its own. A healing and excited force of nature vibrates, with passion; as natural sculpture processes conjure the health and wealth of the planet. The universe shares its goodwill with us all. 

These leggings especially bring an energetic force to any who wear them. The energy and life force stored in the image itself derives from all that came before it; and all that will follow. Our purposeful creation birthed into the world, carries the residual grace that our ancestors willed to us in this life. We have an opportunity to unleash this power, to feel it, sense it and capture it. As the universal life force can never be extinguished; diminished or taken away.

So we live better with art and beauty created from the ethos of goodwill. We thrive together when we feel more alive. We look better when nature wraps us in her loving arms. Here in this place we can choose to find what matters most. The creative life made better by art that speaks. Images that have something magical to say. Beauty that can be shared. Light that can warm the coldest heart. We celebrate our good fortune... forever.

This ethos has allowed Tom and Carol to live the creative life together; married for over 30 years. The deepest love and compassion for the historical narrative that is their creative union together, births these designs into your world; into your life. Be a part of the unfolding journey. Embrace the goodwill and humor. Find out what these Ancestors have to teach, and how they visit at night to thank you for your kindness, that has made this life a little better for us all; right here... today.